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Black Scorpion Review
Fire and Brimstone

"Our doom is, to be sifted by the wind, heaped up, smoothed down like silly sands. We are less permanent than thought."

Basil Bunting (1900-85)

In a City of Angels there sure does not appear to be much love except between Veronica and Argyle who do love each other. Yet, a nasty little villain is running around shooting arrows at people making them fall in love with him, his name is Cupid. During these escapades of his Medusa returns to spot Darcy and Steve cuddling at Heavenly Point where unbeknownst to her are undercover trying to catch Cupid. Medusa wants Steve back in her life, the only way to win him back to re-ignite an old flame between Darcy and someone from her past, namely Inferno. Dr. Phoenix brought him back but before Inferno's memory erasure Medusa broke him out. Together they seek to win back the affections of their old flames or fire and brimstone will rain on the City of Angels.

After a somewhat sub par episode in Roses are Red, You're Dead, Black Scorpion returns to its roots namely its strong stories and characters. In this episode of Black Scorpion, Lisa Boyle and Brent Huff return and perform wonderfully especially with each other. The two had a wonderful chemistry and a terrific banter between them. That is just where the fun lied throughout the episode. Watching those two interact with each other was nothing short of stellar. Throughout this episode, Medusa and Inferno seemed to get along for the most part, but their egos being too big got the better of them and they actually came to blows and started beating the hell out of each other. The setup came from Inferno beating up Steve while Medusa upset by that started beating up Darcy. It turned into a game of top this, which escalated into a full out fight between the two. It ended when Inferno asked Medusa is she was as excited as he was and that is where the audience saw that they had deeper feelings for each other than that of two evil people just trying to work together. Strickland said himself at the end regarding the interlude between Darcy and Steve that "you either have a chemistry or you don't." It applied hear as well, as two victims themselves turning toward each for a common goal somewhere along the line found solace in each other.

Unlike my previous reviews I'm sticking to what made this episode one of the very best to date. No one aspect was better than another, this combined the talents of all the cast and crew, and successfully. What made this episode raise level of the show was the complexity and evolvement one of the main themes took. It had nothing to do with Black Scorpion and the darkness her character is facing, but the love interest in Steve. The writers made things interesting by using Cupid to shoot his arrow towards Darcy and Steve and Slugger and Specs who respectively fell for each other. It was a unique situation to say the least, but what happened were Darcy and Steve falling for each other and the reaction the two had to each other. Scott Valentine stepped up to the plate this time and so did the rest of the cast. Yet, now that they actually spent some time head over heels in love with each other, their relationship is on a completely new level. No longer will they wonder what if, now the question remains what now?

This wonderfully written and acted episode had no weak spots what so ever. The only question I had at the end is what happened to Medusa and Inferno as we last saw them kissing. The cast and crew should be especially proud of this episode as everyone had a chance to shine from the excellent scoring from David Russell whose best episode to date is probably Roses are Red, Youre Dead to Scott Valentine who did a fine job with this episode. The next episode features Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk) guest star as a new villain. Be sure to tune in and check it out.

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