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Thieves | Return | Mind Game | Live Wire | Ransom

The team must find an important Resistance leader being held in a prison, but soon find Guard 107 was assigned to this prison and their cover could be blown.

Much like Thieves, imges are in order from left to right like a paragraph.

Here's the plan


I am in control

I don't like this

i need information

here's our contact

It's payback time

are we really doing this

Let's do this

scoring information


here comes pain

what are going to do with him

I am being very nice not to add my logo or initials to these images. So please do not abuse the privilege. Feel free to download for personal use ONLY. You may NOT post these images on another website, or redistribue them. If you know someone who wants to see them, give them the URL. If you want images to post on your site, just ask me to make grabs just for you and I will do so.

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