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EP Mode Labels

VHS Inserts Instructions

Making insert labels for your videotapes is the same as making vertical labels. You can fit an entire season in the case of Brimstone that would be 7 labels on one sheet more for another show with more episodes and depending what speed you recorded your show(s) on. If you have another favorite show you would like labels for, feel free to ask me if I can help you out. I would be happy to help so that you are not wasting an entire sheet.

The only real big difference with insert labels is with the dimensions. If you want them to cover up most of the indented field on the video tape you're text box size should at most be 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. If you are not using text boxes, the image itself should be less than the dimensions listed previously. Then cut and check the size with the videotape indenture before removing the adhesive backing and putting the label down You can always trim them down to fit properly.

Ep insert 1

EP Insert 2

These may not look like much now, but download them as you would vertical labels and make them the correct size and print them and they look beautiful. There will be new alternate insert labels I'll make and update at a moments notice. So keep an eye out for something you like. :-) Instructions above for insert labels...