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This month's feature is Po's unfinished poem...

Po's Uncompleted Love Poem
(Composed in the style of Tang Dynasty Poetry)

Her face is seen in flower and her dress in cloud
A beauty by the rails caressed by vernal breeze
Who could equal her in the palace of chaste world?
She's Goddess of the Moon in Crystal Hall one sees
Between us two there is the boundless blue sky
My lonely lamp burns dull, of longing I would die

My pen has become still
Though I try to write upon lovebird parchment
My poems a message.
Who will carry it to you?
My wave like eyes of days gone by
Wet strains of tears can still be seen
Who, heartless, has caused this pain?

Unable to go home, the bleeding ghost can only wander
With human regret, my tears drop down upon my bosom
Shame to my lonely nights brings dreams both dim and drear
The east wind is too weak to revive flowers dead
The candle only when burned has no tears to shed
I have put my past away in the treasure chest of memory

*Po was unable to complete the fourth stanza, which he intended to inscribe in the blood of Nina Chow (played by
Rosalind Chao), before he was stopped by Stone.

When that light appeared,
upon my eyes,
I saw the darkness,
that I had become.
Struggling with my soul,
I fight for my heart,
forever, I lament,
the pain I inflict.
This world knows,
a better pain,
that I share,
knowing the fear,
I fear me,
what I have become.
Seperate from the world,
from my love,
from my soul,
I am alone,
now I am,

Destruction Incognito

Prisoner of worlds,
locked in the asylum of pain,
I seem the killer,
the one who take my name.
He exists in shadows,
and has no morals to his life,
the ambiguity is not just his,
as his sanity rivals mine.
Taken to the road,
I so much love to chase,
as I carry such heavy load,
the man I do deface.
He haunts my moves,
and peaks into my mind,
he takes my fears,
and plays them in rhyme.
He accompanies me on this hunt,
screaming in my ears,
the laughter of his can suck,
but instill so much fear.
I cannot run,
I dare not hide,
for the gun,
will not protect thine.
Be restful,
and sharpen your wits,
he has no conscience,
he never quits.
Take my advice,
and stand your ground,
You may be nice,
but let your soul be found.
Fight the evil,
take a chance with your heart,
do not let this devil,
tear your soul apart.


Still I walk,

To forever hunt them down,

The shadows that control my fate,

Avoiding my royal fault,

My singular mistake.

I will never recover,

All that I have lost,

But to reclaim the love,

Of my beautiful wife,

Nothing is too high a cost.

I made my decision,

To seek out redemption,

I know I wronged,

But the toll this takes,

Wears away at my soul

With each and every breath.

I will hunt the souls down,

For the damage they cause,

I will not waiver in their face,

No matter what they have done.

They will go back,

For that is what I say is true,

Let the minions of evil rejoice,

For it is the time,

to give the devil his due.


Wence, did I say,
those few words,
that always remain,
swirling like birds.
Those birds,
the certainly annoy,
to this world,
I become the toy.
The call makes,
one word true,
but one feather,
does indeed rule.
Wence I hear,
hear those screams,
there remains fear,
forever in dreams.
The bird call,
haunting it is,
fights the wall,
making the mind fizz.
Scream at me,
just one more time,
I am happy,
I am part Human-kind.

Future poems may not be reproduced or redistributed without the author(s) written permission to do so. This is for the enjoy of for others, so don't infringe on the respective authors copyrights by passing future poems off as your own work....