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Quote of the Month:

"Without doubt the greatest injury of all was done by basing morals on myth. For, sooner or later, myth is recognized for what it is, and disappears. Then morality loses the foundation on which it has been built."

Lord Samuel (1870-1963)

Random Thoughts

From time to time most, if not all of us have some ideas that run through our minds during Black Scorpion. They sometimes make us raise our eyebrows in that you weren't expecting that to pop in your mind or just something about why something happened the way it did, or just any kind of thoughts. These are the kinds of ideas where we say to each, "did you notice Darcy let her pet scorpion steel her slipper, that was hilarious." Or "are we ever going to see Steves place?" Well those are completely random thoughts. I thought I would share some of mine, maybe get you to think, "wow, I never noticed that" or "wow I thought the exact same thing."

Like when are we going to see what are on the other floors of the precinct? Even though the finale is coming up, in a movie or second season I think it would be a nice little side trip to see the other floors. Every episode we get the outer view of the precinct and it has quite a few floors. Then, does that mean we are only seeing the squad room for a particular division? Kind of makes you go "hmmmm." While were at it, how about a look at the Captain's office. We always see the man coming from it to snag some donuts or coffee. I would like to see the singing trout in his office that I just know he has, despite him hating boats.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Shane Powers played a role in the pilot of the critically acclaimed series "My So-Called Life" that featured Claire Danes. While most of Shane Powers' acting jobs were for Roger Corman on the Black Scorpion movies and tv series, he also played substantial part in the tv movie Jack Reed: Badge of Honor. He also played a small part in the never-ending series of Bloodfist movies in Bloodfist 7: Manhunt, which also featured Specs-meister Steven Kravitz. Who incase you missed it recently had a role in Rob Schneider's The Animal. Speaking of recent Shannon Whirry, better known as Vox Populi, was spotted on an episode of Malcolm in The Middle about a month ago. In the future, Nancy Valen who played the Angel of Death will be seen in the revived Knight Rider tv show as the new Devon Miles.

Slugger and Specs are quite the odd balls of the show, and bumble it up way too much. Aside from firing the bazooka in one episode, and detective work in Virtual Vice, they really haven't been able to do much police work let alone right. They have the comedy parts and routine down very well when in the squad room. Yet, all the antics outside the precinct like stumbling over each other seems to get in the way of the comedy routine and is actually a distraction. With all the screw ups, how did they make detective anyways? In Roses are Red, You're Dead, they proved they could be just as funny trying to arrest someone with good dialogue than stumbling over each other.

Did anyone else notice that in Bad Sport the computer in the Black Scorpion-mobile got a voice? A voice we heard that one time, never before and never after, just that once. I would like to know when and where that happened, a little explanation. Instead of a voice, the screen could have read zero or something. It was just weird, came out of nowhere, and made me wonder when the hell the computer got a voice. What was really odd was that we haven't seen or heard from that voice since Bad Sport. It seems a bit like Knight Rider, I say do without the voice the car doesn't need to talk, unless more tv icons are being used for a retro feel. LOL

The biggest thought, I get all the time from each episode is how Darcy built the Lair below the warehouse she is living in. I would think outfitting the basement with the equipment she has is extremely expensive. So then where did she get the money, she is a cop no the mayor. Speaking of the Mayor, wouldn't it be poetic if the Mayor's wife were a dead ringer for Babette or someone even hotter than Babette. It would be just too weird to finally see her, and then say "he dumped her for Babette." And lastly, to be brutally honest bring back Laura Harring, the Babette from the second movie. I mean no disrespect towards Shae Marks but I just feel that Laura Harring is much better. Her blowing up at the mayor in Black Scorpion 2 was a genuine moment of comedy and seriousness that Babette should have in the series.

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