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The time is here, the future is now...

What is this, you ask? Well I've been fine tuning this idea for awhile now and I think it's time to use it. It's a great way for all of us fans to interact while keeping the flame that is BrimStone alive.
We all have had ideas on which direction the show would go, ideas on stories, guest appearances, etc... The bottom line is that we all have ideas we would like to have seen. Well here's your chance. Create an episode for a seasonal episode guide, send it in, and we'll make a season out of it. Yes, virtual seasons. Specifically, I'm looking for a title, 2-3 sentences for the plot (perhaps a couple more), a set of guest stars you have in mind like Detective  Caine, Father Horn, or someone new. If you like ideas or characters from someone 's episode we'll all talk and work something out. We can go episodic to serialized like the show sways from time to time. Each season will be 24 episodes, I hate the number 22.
We will keep going until no one submits anything. No one said we can't have seven seasons. I myself will do several episodes or more depending on how much involvement I get from everyone. Season One is concluded and the back six will polish off that season. We will pick up at Season Two. Don't be afraid of two or three part ideas, and please don't be afraid of contributing to this. This is meant to be fun, I hope to post one episode a week like the show was still airing, with some breaks, and cliffhangers. I want this to be as real and as much fun as possible. Send in your ideas to my e-mail below...


2.01 - "Darkness"

Plot:  Centuries ago one man sought to destroy the world and in the process murdered an angel of god. He was seemingly invincible until one day he mysteriously found himself in hell. After escaping from hell he has but one mission, to kill the devil and take his place

Guest Stars: John Glover as The Devil, Ethan Hawke as Vash the Stampede.

Writer: RetributionZero

Special Notes: This episode features the devil showing a strong side of anger toward this soul. He gets slightly emotional since, much like Ashur Badaktu, this is something very personal to him.

2.02 - "Gothic"

Plot: Hot on the trail of a damned soul who crossed him, Lucas Buck arrives in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the devil sees a chance not only for Zeke to catch a damned soul but to keep a friendly rivalry alive. Zeke is offered an option out of his contract with the Devil and a life with Rosalyn, and his actions speak louder than words.

Guest Stars: Gary Cole as Sheriff Lucas Buck, John Glover as the Devil.

Special Notes: This episode features some excellent banter between Buck and the Devil, and respectively with Zeke. All characters stay true in what would be a wonderful crossover episode.