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Online Trading Cards

These trading cards originally were posted on the official BrimStone website at Warner Brothers before the website was deleted and the boards revamped...

As you can see they feature the villains of the series and provide some good background on them. Now I'll be making my own online series featuring the cast, characters and the show so don't think this section is not just limited to the official ones Warner Brothers created...

Feel free to download and print them up. I'll try and figure out the best way to do so on real material Trading Cards are done with or reasonably close. I just thought these cards should be posted since they were taken down with the official site which no longer exists. These deserve to be up for anyone to find and use and download and not to be forgotten that they ever existed. That's what this site is all about, keeping BrimStone alive and making available everything BrimStone fans have a right to see and have...

Ashur Badaktu

Brian Reid

Fred Graver

Gwen du Bare

Joe Renkmeyer

Gilbert Jax

Paco and Jocelyn

Father Salinas

Martin Benedict

Da Ming Po

Sally Ann McGee

Hasdrabul Skaras

Zeke 1