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You have questions, we have answers...

Q: What is Brimstone about?

A: 113 of the most vile creatures have escaped from hell. The Devil, who must answer to a higher power, has no earthly powers. Thus, he must seek assistance in a resident of hell in Detective Ezekiel Stone. Detective Zeke Stone sent to hell for killing his wife's rapist is offered a second chance at life on Earth, but only if he can return all 113 souls...

Q: What happened to BrimStone?

A: Brimstone originally signed to appear on Fox Tuesday's by President at the time Peter Roth. He had great plans for the show with a Tuesday nighttime slot at 9 PM EST, with lots of promotion. Peter Roth knew and saw the potential that Brimstone had to be the next X-Files. However, as time grew near to the premiere airdate Peter Roth was forced to resign. New President Doug Herzog fresh from his presidency of Comedy Central had a new vision for Fox. He wanted to rid the network of shows like Millennium, Brimstone, and even X-Files. He wanted more reality shows and shows like Married with Children and The Simpsons. What that meant from BrimStone was a new Friday timeslot paired with Millennium with no promotion or word that the show had moved it's day and time. Despite a lack of promotion, BrimStone achieved consistent and decent ratings with Millennium. However, the end result was cancellation for dropping ratings, surprised? The real kicker was that Fox did in fact order 6 more episodes but pulled the plug 3 hours into production on the 14th episode entitled "Rivals." Due to sweeps period the show was pre-empted for a couple of weeks to return to air the final episodes and slowly die. Thanks to the pressure from Brimstone fans, the Sci-Fi Channel later picked up the distribution rights to the 13 episodes of BrimStone. They then reran to the show in December of 1999 for three weeks, on three Fridays where they played four episodes of BrimStone, which attained terrific but not record shattering ratings. Since then, the show has gone from a place on Friday Prime to 4 AM EST Saturday mornings with infrequent airings in Sci-Fi World. Currently, BrimStone is not on the air in reruns. However, the show still ranks amongst the best in Internet polls, and remains one of the best shows to ever grace a television screen.

Q: Why did Zeke go to hell?

A: In the first episode, the Devil told Zeke "God's universe is not like the American legal system. You do something, you pay for it." In the episode "It's a Helluva Life," we were shown that Zekes fate was not determined until he killed Gilbert Jax and from the joy, he felt when he killed Jax.

Q: How did the damned souls escape from Hell?

A: This is another of the many debatable questions fans of Brimstone have long had. Details are sketchy but what we do know is that ringleaders organized a mass breakout. We know from "Ashes" that Ashur Badaktu seduced the Devil and learned as much about the world on Earth that she could distracting him from something boiling the beneath the surface in hell. Then when the time came 113 souls escaped from Hell.

Q: Are there any unaired episodes or were any planned beyond the original 13?

A: There are no unaired episodes, however Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris had been originally given the green light for what is called "The Back Six." Another 6 episodes were in fact ordered and were ready to be produced until Fox ordered production stopped in the middle of production on the 14th episode entitled "Rivals." This episode involved another soul hunter from Hell to compete with Zeke in capturing the damned souls. I should have saved the synopsis Reiff and Voris posted when I had the chance, so if anyone has them please send them over. I do remember that vividly one planned of those six was "Highwaymen." This episode was going to tell the story of how Zeke got from New York to Los Angeles and his first encounter with Sergeant Ashe. The Highwaymen damned souls doing evil on the Highways with trucks, and the episode was going to be like a Mad Max style kind of episode. Another episode, and this is where I lose the names of the episodes, was going to find a number of souls working together to send Zeke back to hell. Throughout these episodes, we were going to watch Rosalyn track down Zeke and find him based on what happened to her in "It's a Helluva Life" and "Mourning After."

Q: Can the Devil be sent to hell?

A: Yes, he is a damned soul just like the next one. Pierce his eyes and he can be sent back to hell. However, he can come right back and be extremely irritated with that action. He's easily irritable

Q: Why does get only $36.72?

A: The rule is simple you come out of hell or (we assume) heaven what you went in with. If you died with a stick of bubble gum, a bowie knife, and $13.27 that is what you would wake up every morning with. That is why Zeke wakes up every morning with his gun, new bullets, and $36.72.

Q: Does the Devil have any power on Earth?

A: On Earth, the Devil only has the power to tie shoelaces and physically interact with people. He can convince a waitress to spill beer on someone as part of a joke or to lead some one down the wrong path. Yet, he has no special powers to speak of on Earth. He can't make any excruciating moments last forever for Zeke as we saw in the episode "It's a Helluva Life." The Devil can only alter the perception of reality and not reality itself...

Q: What is the correct episode order?

A: There is great debate about the correct episode order since both Fox and the Sci-Fi Channel are keen to air the episodes in their original broadcast order. However, every great once in awhile The Sci-Fi Channel airs the episodes in a logical order. Still even their episode order is debatable. Ethan Reiff and Cy Voris once told the fans what the proper episode order but when the Warner Brothers boards were upgraded all the old posts were erased. However, in the Episode Guide Section, there is an ideal episode order based just on the logic in some of the episode as well as an explanation as to why. The only episodes out of order are really in the first 6 or 7 episodes, after which the show is in the correct chronological order. If someone saved that proper episode order that Reiff and Voris spoke on, please send it over so it can be posted and you'll get your credit for sending over the official episode order. Almost all shows these days are not aired in the proper order that they were intended to be in.

Q: How do you send the damned souls back to hell?

A: The Devil aptly put it in the pilot episode in the following quote. "The eyes, windows to the soul, destroy the eyes and the damned get a one way ticket back home to hell..."

Q: Can Zeke be killed?

A: The answer is no, since Zeke is already dead. However Zeke can be sent back to hell if his eyes are pierced. In the episode "Slayer," Zeke suffered a cut to one eye and he could see a brief glimmer of hell and the moment before his death. The Devil then made the remark, if that cut had been deeper it would have taken longer to heal, and if the other eye was pierced that would have been it and they would be back home in hell. In terms of pain, Zeke can only feel pain if it is inflicted on him by another damned soul.

Q: Will the Devil keep his promise?

A: Fans have always debated since the show first premiered. In keeping with the nature of the Devil in BrimStone, it would make sense for the Devil to try to deceive Zeke and steal his second chance on Earth away from him. We will most likely never know if the Devil would have kept his promise or not, but it still brings about a great discussion when the fans get together... Remember the Devil is the king of all kidders, the original trickster.

Q: I am missing the episode "Heat", and my copy of "It's a Helluva Life" is going really bad. I need help, where can I find someone to help me out?

A: Right here. I will let you know right now, it will take time. I have a few people who have been patiently waiting for a couple of episodes. If you need an episode or two I will help you. If you want the entire series, that is something I will not do. I simply don't have the time for that. I have way too many things to do to make time for the entire run of the show.

Q: I have heard some music I like in this show, can anyone tell me what the songs are who performed them?

A: It's a Helluva Life - "Why" by Annie Lennox , I'm going to compile a list for this section right here. If you have any to add in, that are missing, please e-mail me and I'll include it in here with a credit to you.

If you have a question and answer you would like to add to the F.A.Q. or just a question you would like an answer to just drop me a line and I'll try and give you an answer as well as adding it to the F.A.Q. Just drop me a line at the following e-mail addy...

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