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Peter Horton

Having a storied career for the once, Thirtysomething cast member, Peter Horton has come a long. People say life is a learning experience, you learn as you go. The same can be said for Peter Horton who has written, directed and produced a little in his time in the film and television industry. He served dual roles on brimstone as not only the lead character Zeke Stone but as a Producer as well. It's amazing that an actor believed in a project so much he took on an extra role as a Producer. It could be another learning experience, but in my eyes and fans of Brimstone he saw an opportunity to be more involved with the show that most actors are afraid to do. Sure many direct an episode or two in their respective series but very few ever join on as a Producer of their own show. I liken Peter Horton not only as an actor, but also as a man of intelligence to Patrick McGoohan of the famed show The Prisoner. A show that Patrick McGoohan created, executive produced, while also writing and directing an episode or two. While Peter didn't get that involved, I see many similarities to both men and their roles in their shows production. Peter can display a vast array of emotions, and with his eyes tells the story of a tortured soul who wants to reclaim his life and get a second chance. Peter is an amazing and intense actor that can also roll with comic punches and can deadpan any line in a way that makes the devil laugh, really, he does. Haven't you seen this show???

John Glover

An amazing voice, a sinister devil, a tremendous actor. What else can anyone say about John Glover? I'll sure try. John Glover, if you haven't seen the show before is simply amazing as the Devil. From his delivery to his sense of timing that harkens back to the days of Frank Gorshin, John Glover and Peter Horton are what make BrimStone great. They play off each so well and have a great chemistry it was a crime Brimstone was canceled. Coincidentally, john Glover was almost not cast as the Devil. Oh, the creators Reiff and Voris knew he was the one from the second he walked in for the role. Fox, however, did not quite agree but after a long series of battles Reiff and Voris convinced them that no one else could play the Devil like John Glover. Without John Glover or Peter Horton, the show would not have been the same. Also, going back to Frank Gorshin who played the Riddler on the Batman tv show from the 1960's. Did you know John Glover voiced the Riddler on the Batman animated tv show in the 1990s? Yes he did, because the producers of the animated series felt he had the same magic and sense of timing Frank Gorshin made an art form. As the Devil, John plays the character with such a passion; you can tell he is having the time of his life. The man is nothing short of brilliant in his depth and exuberance he brings to the devil. John is a Broadway actor and performs in live productions whenever he can. I can tell you, Broadway actors stand above and beyond normal actors for doing something that complex time and time again. They command respect and when you put them on a tv show they really shine...

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